I am a Horticulturalist, a Plant Consultant and Garden Designer with over 25 years experience working in Perth.

I have always been passionate about flowers and plants since I was a small child.

I am at my happiest when in nature; it feeds my soul.

My love and passion of plants and garden design is continual and I haven’t stopped learning. I have completed studies in Floristry, Horticulture and Landscape Design and have enjoyed working in all of these industries.

Recently I have been running Plant Workshops and I am also involved in escorted Garden Tours. I really love and enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion for plants with others.

I began my working life as a Florist, before moving into Horticulture. After expert training and experience at Waldecks I co-founded The Terrace Gardener in Waratah Avenue in Dalkeith. I now work as a horticultural consultant and garden designer.

My aim is to create gardens that will inspire you and bring joy, peace and harmony.

Podcast Appearance 

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